Friday, July 20, 2007


This morning I walked outside and promptly walked back inside. I almost tripped over myself as I headed up two sets of stairs and back to my room. My roommate turned sleepily toward me.
"hmmmmmm.." she mumbled at me
I took this to be great interest in my excitement.
"I need a sweater!!!" I informed her, my eyes popping out of my head.
She was asleep.

I grabbed my warmest, comfiest wool sweater and headed out into the glorious morning.

So on this occasion... this 20th of July, 2007... the summery day on which it is approximately 66 degrees, I would like to celebrate Fall. Autumn is the season of perfect temperatures, brisk winds, apple butter and flattering clothing. Fall is by far the best season - that's best out of FOUR! - and having had a
glimpse of it this morning (I even spotted some stray leaves already on the ground) I must celebrate my love of Fall at all times of the year. And especially Halloween, but that deserves its own post.

Fall receives five blowing winds out
of five.

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